With the Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative, we aim to raise public awareness about the environmental effects of food consumption. We encourage individuals to choose local and seasonal products, eat less meat and dairy, and reduce their food waste. We do this by launching interesting challenges and loveable campaigns and offering team building programs and educational activities for students. Since our foundation in 2012, we have won multiple awards and motivated millions of people to eat more responsibly. We have also developed a certification system that recognizes green restaurants and encourages the participants in the foodservice industry to invest in environmentally friendly solutions. More than 50 restaurants are currently using our Sustainable Restaurant certification in Hungary. You can find their list here

Most of our campaigns are in Hungarian, but we offer Team Building programs and presentations about responsible consumption in English. Please contact us for more information!


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zsuzsanna@ gasztrohos. hu

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International Partnerships

Chefs' Manifesto

The Chefs’ Manifesto is a chef-led project that brings together 700+ chefs from around the world to explore how they can help deliver a sustainable food system. As chefs bridge the gap between farm and fork, the Chefs’ Manifesto empowers chefs with a framework tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Feed The PlanetFeed the Planet is an initiative to inspire sustainable food consumption among communities and culinary professionals, and to support people in need through emergency relief, food poverty alleviation, and education. Founded by WORLDCHEFS, it is run in partnership with Electrolux and AIESEC.


Food Made Good Global
Food Made Good is a successful, ready to deploy program for cities, states and countries that want to engage and support their food service sector around the sustainability challenge and who recognise that chefs and restaurants have a leadership role to play in changing consumer behaviour.