Felelős Gasztrohős, Impuct Hub Budapest


2016. 10. 25. kedd, 19:00 2017. 10. 25. szerda, 21:00




egészség előadás étkezés környezetvédelem

*Ez az esemény angolul lesz. / This event will be in English!*

Thanks to medical and technological advances, life expectancy of Hungarians has grown 7 years in only 50 years, and people born today will probably celebrate their 100th birthday. At the same time, the western world is getting sicker: obesity, heart disease and diabetes take hundreds of lives each year.

How can we stay healthy for longer and be happier, while respecting the environment? We will show you the latest trends about how the scientific and business world tries to find solutions in Scandinavia, and how you can benefit from it.

Join the conversation on 25th October, at 7 pm in the Impact Hub Budapest!

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Our speakers:
Krisztina Jónás
Kriszti was working on the assessment and synthesis of current scientific results on sustainable human diets in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and discovered food related social and environmental innovations and networks in Stockholm. She is an active member of national and cross-border networks of climate innovators and activists. She believes in the power of the example one can show with everyday decisions.

Judit Varga
Judit is the co-founder of the Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation. She believes that the main ingredients of a great meal are: local, seasonal produce, environmental responsibility, and a pinch of respect for the farmers. Her organization certifies Sustainable Restaurants and organizes campaigns around sustainable food and green living. When she doesn’t cook or talk about food, she likes to read, or put together jigsaw puzzles.